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Credit Bureau Registration

Everyone who takes out a credit or loan is included in the records of the Credit Bureau. From that moment on there is a Credit Bureau Registration . A Credit Bureau Registration is the same as a Credit Bureau Listing . Because the loan is registered or listed in the Credit Bureau Administration. This Credit Bureau Listing is called a Positive Credit Bureau Registration .

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Coderingen BKR

Credit Bureau Review.

A Credit Bureau Assessment is done for every Credit Application. The Credit Bureau Assessment is part of sensible and responsible Borrowing.

What is the purpose of the Credit Bureau?

The Credit Bureau (Bureau Krediet Registration) takes care of and manages the administration centrally for each participant, as soon as a loan or other credit facility has been provided. Participants are banks, credit card companies and leasing companies. The purpose of the Credit Bureau is to provide participants with insight into the financial situation of a consumer with a new credit application. Partly thanks to the Credit Bureau Toetsing , the bank can determine whether consumers can borrow money responsibly. In this way, any over-lending and financial problems can be prevented.
In the Credit Bureau Administration you can also find a Credit Bureau A-Coding and Credit Bureau H-Coding . In addition, there are 5 Credit Bureau Special Codes : Credit Bureau Code 1 (= A1 Coding), Credit Bureau Code 2 (= A2 Coding), Credit Bureau Code 3 (= A3 Coding), Credit Bureau Code 4 (= A4 Coding) and Credit Bureau Code 5 (= A5 Coding).

Negative Credit Bureau Registration

A loan with a Negative Credit Bureau Registration is a loan with Credit Bureau Coding . An A-Coding is registered with the details of the loan, possibly supplemented with a Special Code . This changes a previous Positive Credit Bureau Registration into a Negative Credit Bureau Registration . The Credit Bureau Coding or Negative Credit Bureau Registration is caused by a payment arrears on a loan. The agreed monthly commitment for the credit has not been paid on time. This payment has not been made for two to four consecutive months. The loan from a financing company, bank, home store or credit card will then be assigned an A code.

Credit Bureau Coding

Credit Bureau A Coding The agreed obligation is paid two to four consecutive months late. The A-Code (Backlog Coding) is added to the loan.
Credit Bureau H Coding Immediately after making up a registered backlog, the backlog was restored. The H-Code (RecoveryCoding) is then added to the A-Code.

Credit Bureau Particularity code

Credit Bureau Code 1 A1 Coding A repayment scheme or debt settlement has been made after the arrears have arisen.
Credit Bureau Code 2 A2 Coding The (remaining) claim has been made due and payable and has been transferred to a collection agency.
Credit Bureau Code 3 A3 Coding An amount of € 250 or more has been debited. Only when a booking is made against final discharge, an end date must be reported at the same time as code 3. Otherwise no end date will be reported.
Credit Bureau Code 4 A4 Coding The borrower turned out to be unreachable.
Credit Bureau Code 5 A5 Coding A preventive payment arrangement has been made. The preventive payment arrangement is temporary in nature. After termination of the payment arrangement, it will be deleted.

Borrow money despite Credit Bureau Registration

We do not advise and we do not mediate! Excellent solutions can be found on the internet for a credit with Negative Credit Bureau Registration ! Borrow money despite Negative Credit Bureau Encryption is possible online. Look further on this site.

Remove Credit Bureau Coding

The basic principle is that you can never remove a valid Credit Bureau Coding ! Every arrears code on a loan is passed on to the Credit Bureau by the bank or lender where the relevant loan is made. The Credit Bureau only carries out the administration on this. So if you have an incorrect Credit Bureau Listing , the only one who can correct , modify or delete it is the bank or lender that provided the loan with the incorrect Credit Bureau Coding. An incorrect Coding can only be corrected or deleted in consultation with that bank. The bank will then report the adjustment to the Credit Bureau administration. The Credit Bureau itself also provides a clear explanation of how to remove an incorrect Credit Bureau Coding . Again, a proper Negative Credit Bureau Listing will never remove a bank!