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Red Is on your Bank Private Account

Being in the red on your Private Account is a debit facility of the bank . You receive your salary or income on your private account with a bank. Of course you can just withdraw this money. But if you have extra expenses at a certain time, the bank allows you to be overdrawn. And you pay a lot of interest for a negative balance on your private account. The bank does not mind that. The bank earns very well! And within a few weeks your salary will come in again. Being in the red at your own bank is an easy way to have extra money on hand. But a negative balance on your private account is not cheap.

Red Stand with Credit Bureau Coding

For overdrafts on your private account at the bank you risk getting a Negative Credit Bureau Encryption to. Because being in the red is only allowed for a limited period of time at most banks. And if you stay in the red on your account longer than is allowed, you will receive a Credit Bureau Coding . Your bank charges a very high interest rate for being allowed to stand in Red on your own account! Even up to the legally maximum permitted interest. Detailed information about Credit Bureau Special Codes, Credit Bureau Codes and a Negative Credit Bureau Listing can be found under the chapter Credit Bureau Codes .

Red balance Repay private account

If you have to use an overdraft too often or even structurally, it is wise to take measures before you receive a Credit Bureau Coding . Then apply for a small personal loan . And pay off your overdraft in full. The interest for a PL is much lower than for an overdraft. It is therefore advantageous to have a personal loan (PL) instead of being overdrawn in your account. Then agree with your bank that you no longer want to be in the red. Your bank will put your debit option on your account. You pay off your small personal loan in a short period of time and your problem is solved. This way you avoid a Negative Credit Bureau Registration on your private account. Our site is happy to help you. Here you can quickly apply for a small Personal Loan .

Payment account in the red Interest

Regular or constant overdraft on your checking account at the bank costs you a lot of interest . That also happens to other people. They pay a lot of interest for overdrafts on their checking account . Others also search the Internet to find out how they can prevent financial problems with their account at the bank. They use certain terms to quickly find a recognized, independent intermediary who can advise on how to get out of these financial troubles at the bank. They find our independent advisory for example: financial problems overdrawn checking account, credit limit overdraft account repayments and interest are in the red. In any case, you can also get a quote and your credit here directly online overdraft limit on closing the bank.