Container ship invasion hits both US coasts … and China

In today’s episode Dooner and The guy talk about the massive influx of cargo ships on both US coasts and their impact on the entire supply chain. When will the ports finally experience relief from pressure at both ends of the container ship flow?

Andrew Smith, Co-Founder and CEO of Outrider, is a pioneer in autonomous yard operations for logistics hubs. We’ll hear some of the results from the company’s proving ground and see how it can increase shipyards’ efficiency.

Stephen McIsaac, SVP Brokerage Sales at Nolan Transport Group, explains hurricane logistics and how the 2021 storm season could affect truck transport.

Rachael bunch, National Sales Manager at TransImpact, is helping Saia load a truck for the victims of Hurricane Ida. She will tell us how you can get involved.

Brian Runnels, Vice President of Safety at Reliance Partners, will be present at TCA’s Truckload ’21 in Las Vegas. We’ll find out what he’s betting on.

Morgan MacDermaid, Recruiting Coordinator at Steam Logistics, tells us what’s good about hiring and whether The Great Resignation still resonates with brokers.

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