February 5th: Dragon Boat Races, PlayStation, Whiskey

LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — Here are five things to know before you go to bed on February 5, 2022.

GoFundMe backtracks for truckers

Fundraising website Go fund me has cut ties with Canadian truckers who have gathered in Ottawa to protest Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

The site has blocked the release of nearly $10 million in donations to what it calls the “Freedom Convoy.”

A post on the gofundme website said: “We now have evidence from law enforcement that the previously peaceful demonstration has turned into an occupation, with police reports of violence and other unlawful activity.”

Donors have two weeks to request a refund.

The site said the rest of the money will be given to credible and well-established charities.

Chosen by the organizers of the Freedom Convoy.

dragon boat race

The tongues may have been draggin’ at the end, but not the fierce competitive spirit of some of Australia’s racers.

Participants in Sydney today celebrated the traditional Chinese New Year with dragon boat races on Sydney Harbour.

Competitors raced in 40-foot longtail boats on the first day of the event at Cockle Bay Wharf.

Taoist monks also performed a blessing and painted red “eyes” on the boats.

These eyes are believed to awaken the dragon spirit.

3,000 racers take part in the events, which end on Sunday.


A major video game system reduced its sales estimates due to ongoing global supply issues.

Sony has revised down its fiscal 2021 revenue estimates from the popular Sony PlayStation5.

Sony said it will ship about 11.5 million console units for the fiscal year, up from the previous estimate of 14.8 million units.

The company referred to the continued limited supply of semiconductor chips and problems in the global supply chain.

Sony said it will continue to source components to meet demand.

Whiskey sales soar

After bottoming out during the coronavirus pandemic, one type of drink is going “bottom up” again.

Sales of premium whiskeys are gradually returning after the problematic decline during the Covid pandemic.

Purchases of whiskeys like bourbon, Tennessee whiskey and rye grew more than 15% in 2021.

The US Distilled Spirits Council said consumers are moving to higher brands, helped by the reopening of restaurants and bars.

Restaurants and bars also transitioned to to-go options for spirits, which also helped sales.

Shaun White is retiring

Snowboard legend Shaun White confirmed he will be retiring after Beijing 2022.

The 35-year-old won his first gold in the halfpipe in 2006 and also took gold in Vancouver in 2010.

This is his fifth Olympiad but White announced today that this will be his last Olympics.

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