Hybrid electric biomass fuel carrier for ABB

One of the Japanese shipping industry‘s most significant initiatives towards net zero is e5 Lab Inc., a consortium consisting of Asahi Tanker Co., Ltd., Exeno Yamamizu Corporation, Mitsui OSK Lines, Ltd. and Mitsubishi Corporation, with the aim of developing regeneratively powered merchant ships.

e5 Lab recently unveiled ROBOSHIP – a design for a biomass fuel transporter powered by a fully standardized electric propulsion system to achieve zero-emission port operations. Honda Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd. The 70 m long, 499 GT carrier that was built will be equipped with ABB’s complete modularized electric propulsion package.

“Working with ABB has exceeded our expectations in delivering world-leading technology and efficiency, the ultimate in safety and reliability, specific size and weight reductions unique to coastal vessels,” said Yasumasa Suetsugu, Chief Technology Officer, e5 Lab. “Furthermore, the high level of digital compatibility will help reduce both operational and maintenance costs. Our goal is to make a significant contribution to solving the environmental problems and reducing the crew workload faced by coastal shipping in Japan.”

ABB’s Onboard DC Grid power distribution system is modular and can be built for different types of vessels, from the largest ocean-going vessels to smaller, lower-powered vessels operating over shorter distances and on inland waterways. The solution future-proofs ships to use clean energy sources for zero-emission operations – without compromising on speed or range. Onboard DC Grid also reduces electrical equipment footprint by eliminating the need for bulky transformers and main switchboards. This creates more space for cargo, offers more flexibility in positioning system components onboard the ship and increases payload capacity.

ABB’s full scope of supply includes a standard system package that includes the electric propulsion hardware, including propulsion motors, DSC switchboards, energy storage batteries and generators, as well as the ABB Ability Marine remote diagnostics system for continuous monitoring and remote support.

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