Jeff Bezos plans to land missiles on a ship named after his mother

sorry mom!

Bezos, son of Jacklyn

Blue Origin CEO Jeff Bezos has canceled plans to convert a used ocean freighter – which he had already renamed after his mother Jacklyn Bezos – into an at-sea missile recovery station. CNN business reports.

Bezos, who originally purchased the 600-foot cargo ship in 2018, announced in a very public ceremony in December 2020 that the ship would be converted into a recovery facility for the first stage boosters of Blue Origin’s forthcoming New Glenn rocket.

“The first leg of New Glenn will come home Jacklyn after every flight,” Bezos wrote on Instagram after the big reveal. “It couldn’t be more aptly named — Mom always gave us the best place and heart to come home to.”

His mother was the one who baptized the vessel with a bottle of bubbly, and rightly so.

But alas, it seems that some gifts are just too expensive, even for mom. Blue Origin is now abandoning the project due to lack of money – and with New Glenn’s endeavor already years behind schedule, they’ll likely have to find a new solution fairly quickly.

sorry mom

This was announced by company spokeswoman Linda Mills CNN that the company is looking for “lower cost” means of missile recovery and is “still evaluating options.”

The ability to reclaim first-stage rocket boosters — which are costly to build — is important to any private organization looking to compete financially with Elon Musk’s SpaceX. Musk’s company currently uses drone ships to capture its Falcon 9 reusable boosters, an innovation that drastically lowers the still-high price of spaceflight.

It looks like Blue Origin still intends to put a New Glenn spacecraft into orbit by the end of the year, although that could be difficult without a recapture site.

As for that jacklyn, It is unclear what will become of the abandoned ship. But if Bezos wants to make amends, we might suggest renaming his megayacht.

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