Media support crucial to the success of the maritime industry

Mr Emmanuel Jime, Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Shippers’ Council (NSC), has stressed the need for media support in efforts to reposition the shipping industry to meet stated goals.

“We need to build a strong partnership with the media. This is very critical to our success in the maritime industry as the government is more focused on diversifying and expanding Nigeria’s economic horizons,” Jime said.

He was speaking over the weekend when he received a delegation from the Nigerian news agency, who paid him a courtesy call.

Jime said the maritime industry is undergoing various reforms and adopting new strategies to reduce the time, cost and environment to do business.

“Such efforts require the approval of all stakeholders and the public.

“People living in the areas where the activities are taking place should also be included. We cannot do this without working with the media,” she said.

Jime particularly praised the Shippers’ Council’s partnership over the years and said the maritime team has benefited greatly from this partnership.

“We will continue to build on this rewarding relationship.

“In addition to providing effective coverage of our activities, it remains the most credible news source in the country and around the world.

“Everything I read from it, I just believe it is the truth of the gospel. cannot lie Their editors are always meticulous and strive to balance every piece of information before it is published.

“At a time when fake news is commonplace, they’ve held their heads up and emerged as new and different. We will continue to identify and work to spread our activities,” she said.

Jime said the NSC will continue to look forward to the friendship as it seeks the support of all stakeholders to fulfill its mandate to protect players and regulate the activities of the maritime industry.

“We are trying to regulate the cost of doing business. We also try to regulate local shipping cost and also ensure quality delivery service.

“We have produced the port process manual and we will endeavor to ensure that the port sector is functioning as required. We will need the media to play their part so that together we can support economic growth.”

Jime also spoke about the state of the many dry docks across the country and expressed hope that they will be completed and operational soon.

“Our goal is to make Nigeria the maritime hub of Africa. To do this, our seaports must be in good condition. Lekki Deep Seaport will be available soon and will give us a big boost.

“All these efforts must be supported, the role of the media can never be overstated,” he said.

Earlier, Mr. Ephraims Sheyin, Lagos Operations Manager and Head of Delegation, called for closer cooperation with the NSC to broaden Nigeria’s economic horizons.

He said the NSC is very important to the nation’s drive to diversify its economy, noting that an efficient maritime industry would support economic growth and reduce dependence on oil revenues.

Sheyin noted that the federal government has continued to invest heavily in the maritime industry, which is why Nigerians need to be kept abreast of developments in this critical sector.

“As the election approaches, Nigerians will be excited to see what the government has accomplished across all sectors. One sector that worries many is the maritime industry.

“is ready to present the achievements and challenges of the sector to answer these questions and reassure Nigerians that the government is working.

“As a federal agency, we have to highlight the government’s efforts. The ultimate goal is to create an association that will benefit Nigeria and Nigerians.

“At , we believe such synergy is necessary to fuel the search for alternative sources of income, create jobs and expand our economic frontiers,” he said.

Also part of the team were Mr. Abdulfatai Babatunde, Director of Lagos Newsroom and Mr. Wale Ojetimi, Director of Metro Office.

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