Opinion / Editorial: Virginia Seizes Opportunity to Lead in Wind Energy |

Dominion already has the first offshore wind turbine in federal waters, a pilot project with two giant turbines off Virginia Beach. It is interesting and encouraging that the surveillance shows that the underwater supports for the turbines have become a haven for marine life.

Siemens Gamesa cited its existing partnership with Dominion Energy and good deep sea port facilities as factors that helped build in Portsmouth. The Commonwealth sweetened the deal by offering $ 17.1 million in bonds from the Virginia Public Building Authority as well as assistance from the state’s Talent Accelerator program in recruiting and training workers.

The new facility, as various officials suggested at the announcement ceremony, could mark the start of big things for Hampton Roads and Virginia in the promise of becoming the booming field of the green industry.

As Bob Blue, CEO, President and Chairman of Dominion Energy said, Hampton Roads could become synonymous with wind energy, as Pittsburgh with steel and Silicon Valley with advanced technology.

The United States will catch up with the rest of the developed world as it works to develop the supply chain necessary to manufacture and operate wind turbines. This growth will provide many more opportunities for Hampton Roads to build on this early success to attract other related businesses and industries. It brings jobs to the region.

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