Pacific nations want to reduce CO2 emissions in the shipping industry

October 1, 2021

The Pacific countries have joined their vulnerable Asian counterparts in decarbonising the shipping industry by 2050.

Eleven climate-endangered Asian nations supported the Call of the Climate Vulnerable Forum to the International Maritime Organization, which plans a CO2 tax of 100 US dollars for shipping companies by 2025.

Kiribati, the Republic of Marshall Islands and the Solomon Islands made the original proposal, which was formalized in the CVF Asia Regional Communique 2021, but other countries need to get involved, according to the RMI Ambassador to the IMO.

The Climate Vulnerable Forum would like more global support for decarbonization. Cory Lum / Cvil Beat

The CVF is a partnership of 48 of the world’s most vulnerable nations, representing 1.2 billion people worldwide.

“We see this as a diplomatic victory for our work in the Pacific to urge the IMO to take the bold and necessary measures necessary to align with the Paris Agreement goal of 1.5 degrees,” said Ambassador Albon Ishoda.

Ishoda was encouraged by the support of the Asian nations but insisted that more pressure was needed to get the IMO to accelerate its work on cutting CO2 emissions from the shipping sector. He also stressed the need for more countries to step up their work.

“We need all of the 170+ IMO member states to put their individual interests aside and work towards the collective interests of all nations,” Ishoda said in a statement. “And they can do that by joining the Pacific proposals ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference.”

The declaration recognized the importance of shipping in the Pacific, but recognized the need to “support all efforts to advocate the sector to commit to a just, zero-emission transition by at least 2050”. according to the statement.

Many have asked urgent action against climate change in the run-up to the UN climate conference in November.

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