Ship arrested for high levels of radiation en route to Tanzania

Health authorities have cleared a ship that was held in the port of Mombasa for allegedly high levels of radiation.

The Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) announced on Monday that it was sailing under the Danish flag MS Seago Piraeus sailed away on Sunday morning after all 24 crew members and port staff had been tested for radiation and found fit.

The chief of corporate affairs, Bernard Osero, said no nuclear substance was found in the container as reported, but instead the ship had various hardware goods.

Earlier reports said the ship disappeared from port after the Ministry of Health issued an order to officials to quarantine it for radiation emissions.

“For general information of the public, given the serious threat to the health and life of Kenyans from the emission of radioactive or nuclear material on board the Seago Piraeus Voy 1475 b / 214735979,” read part of a statement from the Ministry of Health from last week.

The statement reads: “The Director General for Health and Port Health in Mombasa is hereby instructed to quarantine the Seago Pileus voy 1478 b / 214735979 in order to inspect parts of it and everything in it and to conduct a medical examination on each board member and require that person to answer any question in accordance with Sections 60 and 62 of the Public Health Act. ”

The ministry also instructed the Director General of the Kenyan Nuclear Inspectorate to review the contents of the containers on the ship to determine the radioactive material in question, the possible amount and its location within the cargo container.

However, Osero said the ship had departed for Tanzania, where it was supposed to unload its cargo, including the container that arrived in Mombasa as cargo.

KPA is the lead agency of the inter-agency team operating at the port, according to a circular from last year’s public service director Joseph Kinyua.

It was tasked with coordinating all activities within the port, including health issues, inspection and cargo taxation.

“The 24 ship crews and KPA employees who handled the container at the shipyard were subjected to tests and found to be fit. They were stable and happy too. The crew members have stayed on board the ship and will be subjected to further tests upon arrival at the next port of call, ”said Osero.

The container ship was christened MS Seago Piraeus arrived on December 13th from the port of Salalah in Oman.

The ship began unloading on December 14, but was reloaded on December 15 after the container detectors found high levels of radiation.

The ship had loaded its cargo in India and the respective container was detected with high radiation as normal, which led to its isolation to allow tests on the crew.

After the crew’s medical test was clear, the container was reloaded onto the ship, which left at 4 a.m. on Sunday.

“The container was reloaded on the ship on December 15th after it was found to have higher than normal levels of radiation. After medical examinations of the crew members, she was allowed to drive away from the Ministry of Health, ”explained Osero.

The port official said there was noise as the container passed through radiation detectors and that crew members and dock workers were given a thorough medical examination.

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