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FTS Tools LLC, a new company based in Lynchburg, Virginia, will sell and market battery powered trail maintenance tools for Focused Technology Solutions.

Focused Technology Solutions Inc., a Marmon/Berkshire Hathaway company, has entered into a sales license agreement with FTS Tools LLC. And Nexxiot has introduced the Kingpin Monitor Remote System to speed up the loading of trailers onto rail vehicles.

FTS Tools LLCa new company based in Lynchburg, Virginia, sells and markets the battery-powered rail maintenance tools for Focused technology solutionswhich will focus on product development.

FTS Tools will utilize the same engineering, manufacturing and warehousing resources while operating under the same FTS product brands, reported Focused Technology Solutions, based in Hackettstown, NJ. (Berkshire Hathaway does not own FTS tools.)

“We are excited that FTS Tools LLC will take our revolutionary line of tools, including SpikeEase, DrillEase, LagEase and more, to new heights,” the company said in a February 1 note to its customers.

“In just over three years, Focused Technology has made an incredible impact on the railroad industry, and we’re here to take these transformative tools to the next level,” said Van Fry, President of FTS Tools LLC. “The best days for this industry are ahead of us, and we believe this tool line is a big reason for that.”

The latest tool from Focused Technology Solutions is EclipEase, a battery powered e-clip inserter/remover.

The Kingpin Monitor Remote System from Nexxiot AG will initially be used by Agora Intermodal, one of the leading European working groups of terminal operators. (Photo: Nexxiot AG)

Nexxiot has unveiled remote capabilities for its Kingpin Monitor to improve the “precision and security” of intermodal shipping. According to the company, the kingpin sensor detects whether the kingpin is engaged and whether the hitch is open or locked. “It provides real-time insight into trailer loading status for both on-site operations via LED light displays and for other stakeholders via the Nexxiot Connect Intelligent Cloud,” the company reported. With remote capabilities, crane operators can now get real-time readouts of load status to reduce “the possibility of human error,” Nexxiot reported.

Nexxiot’s Kingpin Monitor Remote System is initially provided by Intermodal Agora terminalsone of the European working groups of terminal operators.

“Speed ​​is a critical performance indicator in today’s complex shipping industry, but it must not be prioritized at the expense of safety,” said Stefan Kalmund, CEO of Nexxiot. “Kingpin Monitor’s new remote capabilities prioritize safety by helping operators reduce critical errors and speed up loading even in adverse weather conditions.”

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