The pet market has nearly doubled since 2020 – CBS Philly

MEDFORD, NJ (CBS) — In the last two years, the overall US pet market has almost doubled. Pet food, treats and supplies, veterinary services and everything else we buy for our pets are more expensive, with the biggest increase coming in recent months.

Pet food manufacturers have passed frequent price increases on to retailers as their costs have increased for everything from the meat, fish and chicken ingredients in pet food to their packaging.

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In addition, there are increasing difficulties and costs in shipping and storing products.

Shipping containers have increased by over 200% in the last year and a half,” said Nancy Bleznak of Medford Pet Supplies. “The price of the bag itself has increased dramatically, the empty can has increased dramatically, the packaging, the plastic to wrap, the pallets to ship things, every single element has increased dramatically.”

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Pet retailers say people will definitely notice price increases and shortages in supply of their pet food and toys.

But just like the items in the grocery store, they keep buying and saving where they can.

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Carol Erickson, animal advocate at the Pennsylvania SPCA, was free this week but will be back next week.

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