Where are the water meters for Gainesville? Maybe stuck somewhere offshore

Water Resources Linda MacGregor said they expect to receive the water meters it needs in January, which means some developers who have already requested them will wait several months. The main component that is scarce, according to MacGregor, is brass fittings that help connect the water pipe to the meter.

The city has agreed to sell 900 yards but currently only has 200 in stock, she said.

“We are testing and reviewing with established vendors and new vendors,” said MacGregor.

To combat this problem, the city is suspending its routine water meter replacement program, MacGregor said. A certain supply of meters will be maintained for emergencies, for example when a well dries up and other critical need situations, she said.

Meters are typically installed just before new developments are complete, MacGregor said, so some builders can order meters when they apply for building permits but don’t get meters until much later.

Those new to applying for gauges will be required to provide photo evidence of the final grading showing it is ready to be installed, MacGregor said.

“We are pulling out all the stops and doing everything we know to help us meet this global challenge and we will keep you updated,” said MacGregor.

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