Antarctica Google Earth Mystery Since 700 Foot Object Found In Ice “Looks Like A Cargo Ship”

A Google Earth enthusiast claims to have spotted a strange object on satellite imagery that he believes looks like a cargo ship turned on its side.

In a YouTube video uploaded on Wednesday (November 17), MrMBB333 informed his half a million subscribers that he was viewing the object in icy waters off Montagu Island off the coast of Antarctica at coordinates 58 ° 28’26 “S 26 ° 14 ’09 “W. has found .

He has previously claimed to have discovered a “dome” and an “entrance” in the ice on the remote continent.

In this latest video, the white object he discovered is roughly rectangular in shape and the YouTuber says it is 700 feet long and appears to have notches in the side.

He says, “To me, the top half of a cargo ship definitely looks different than the bottom half

“You have a sharp line through the middle that separates the top half from the bottom half, and the bottom half looks like it’s made of a different material.”

The object is visible on Google Earth

He also believes there are “lines or straps” across the top that “hold the load in place”.

The video was viewed more than 35,000 times, received 3,600 likes and hundreds of comments, and many people agreed with his theory.

One user said, “Definitely looks like cargo! Great sight!”

“The rectangular shape looks like a shipping container ship from Chile that’s at least a few decades old,” wrote a second.

Meanwhile, other people thought it was just an iceberg and said the notches could be formed naturally.

One viewer wrote: “Maybe this is an iceberg that has just fallen on its side.

“The upper part has the lines because it was dragging against other ice or the ocean floor? And the smooth part was above water?”

Another wrote, “Don’t stop what you’re doing. But if those are straps, they have to be at least 10 feet wide.”

A third argued: “Symmetry is very common in nature, it does not have to be created by human hands.”

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