Former Costa cruise ship next to arrive at Scrappers

Antares Experience on the Way to the Breakers (Gadani Ship Breaking Yard)

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The next classic cruise ship to arrive at the breakers is a vintage 1990s ship built for Costa Cruises but sold by Carnival Corporation when the company accelerated the disposal of older cruise ships during the pandemic. While it continues the trend of disposing of older cruise lines, the former is Costa Romantica seems to be on the way not to India, but to a junkyard in Pakistan, with her stranding expected this week.

The 56,800 GT cruise ship was part of the new wave of ships launched in the late 1980s and early 1990s, which was intended to build on earlier efforts to develop the modern cruise industry. She and her sister ship were among the first modern cruise ships to be built by Fincantieri when the Italian shipbuilder tried to return its legacy of building passenger ships.

Introduced in 1992 the Costa Romantica was also part of an effort to modernize Italy’s Costa Cruises. The line was a pioneer in the cruise industry, mainly using older ships that were adapted for cruising. With the company’s first modern newbuildings, the shipping company mixed contemporary Italian styles, and the ships soon became very popular with passengers due to their large cabins, among other things. They cruised the Caribbean and Europe and remained part of the company while it expanded, owned by Carnival Corporation.

the Costa Romantica was extensively modernized and overhauled in 2011 as part of a program to extend the life of the ship. In addition to adding new decks with staterooms, they also added balconies to some staterooms and updated their public spaces and amenities. It was reissued as the Costa NeoRomantica including cruises in the Chinese market.

Her sister ship, the Costa Classica, was the first to leave the fleet in 2018 for Bahamas Paradise Cruises, which it still operates. the Costa NeoRomantica remained popular but was among the ships sold in 2020 as Carnival Corporation attempted to dispose of older cruise lines during the shutdown.

For a while it seemed that the Costa NeoRomantica had found a new shipping company after it was announced that it had been sold to the Greek Celestyal Cruises and renamed Heavenly experience. The shipping company announced plans to refurbish the ship before starting operations in 2021. However, the shipping company was only able to conduct a limited cruise program in Greece in the summer of 2021 and decided to keep the newly acquired ship idle.

Amid financial pressures, Celestyal’s parent company Louis Group announced in September that the newly acquired ship had been sold just a year after the ship was received. Speculation about its destination increased, but then it turned out that it had been acquired by Beacon and Bay Shipping Services of Dubai. Reports surfaced in October that it was being sold for scrap.

Renamed Antares experience She left Greece in mid-October for what is widely known as the scrappers in Alang, India. She was recently seen near Pakistan, and this week the Gadani Ship Breaking Yard, calling itself the world’s third largest shipyard, said the cruise ship would be due in a few days at its facilities about 30 miles northwest of Karachi.

The crushers in India reported this fall that they had one new record for the number of cruise and passenger ships arrive and say they expect at least one more by the end of the year. In total, more than 20 classic cruise ships have been dismantled since the beginning of the pandemic.

Video courtesy of Gadani Ship Breaking Yard on social media to show the fittings they will be selling for the cruise ship.

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