KR publishes guidelines for container loading on bulk carriers

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Published November 30, 2021 12:39 PM by

The maritime executive

[By: Korean Register]

The Korean Register (KR) has published guidelines outlining the technical measures required to safely load and move containers on bulk carriers.

With the recent unprecedented boom in the maritime transport market, the demand from shipping companies who wish to load and move containers on bulk carriers has increased significantly to address the shortage of container ships.

Bulk carriers are used to transport unpackaged cargo such as grain or ore and are usually not designed to transport containers.

In order to be able to load containers safely, additional measures such as safe loading, lashing of containers, installation of fixed fire extinguishers and protection of dangerous goods as well as technical checks of the structural strength and stability of the ship must be observed.

KR has published a new technical guide that lists the technical aspects that must be checked in order to safely load and transport containers on general cargo ships without container transport facilities.

The instructions are divided into two parts, firstly requirements for loading space and secondly requirements for loading on deck. Classification societies must check whether a ship meets the requirements. As soon as a ship meets the requirements, it can technically load and transport containers, even if it is not designed for container transport.

The newly published technical guidance can be downloaded from the KR website.

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