More than $1 million was raised to help cover costs for the vaccine convoy protest

A movement called Freedom Convoy 2022 is only a week old, but the organizer of an Alberta fundraiser in support of the event has raised more than $1.4 million for the effort.

The campaign was launched by Tamara Lich, a Medicine Hat woman who says she opposes federal government rules and regulations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the GoFundMe page, the money is expected to go towards fuel, food and accommodation costs for the protesters taking part in the convoy.

By early Saturday afternoon, $1,611,200 had been raised.

Last week, the federal government said it made a mistake when it claimed it would exempt Canadian truck drivers crossing the Canada-US border from a vaccination requirement.

Instead, Ottawa said the regulation would apply to all truck drivers regardless of their country of origin to combat the spread of the Omicron wave of COVID-19.

Many in the trucking industry protested the move, saying it would negatively impact shipping due to the additional requirement.

Others went a step further and joined a movement to drive to the country’s capital to protest in person on Parliament Hill, a move commemorating the action of truckers who urged Ottawa to stop oil and gas industry and to support the construction of pipelines.

Freedom Convoy 2022 is scheduled to stop in Calgary Sunday night and depart for Regina the next day.

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