Wreck of 1,600-year-old Roman ship found in Spain

A Photoshop image of the Roman cargo shipwreck Ses Fontanelles as seen on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea just off the Spanish island of Mallorca where it was found. (Arqueomallornauta/Consell de Mallorca)

CAIRO – March 10, 2022: The wreck of a Romanian cargo ship called Ses Fontanelles has been found off one of Mallorca’s busiest beaches, Spanish newspaper The Guardian reported.

The website states that the Roman Empire had reached its regional peak in AD 117, at the time of the death of Caesar Trajan. It stretched across the Mediterranean to North Africa and western Asia. The Romans used ships for many things that they sold or bought in their distant colonies.

Shipwrecks in the waters of the Mediterranean from Roman times are therefore not uncommon. The recently found Roman cargo ship dates from the 4th century AD.


Two perfectly preserved amphorae found on the Roman cargo ship that sank just meters from a busy beach in Mallorca, Spain. (Arqueomallornauta / Consell de Mallorca)

The ship carried hundreds of amphorae [carrying on both sides] Wine, olives, oil and garlic during a stopover in Mallorca en route from southwest Spain to Italy. The ship docked in Palma Bay when violent waves came, swallowing the ship and burying it under the shallow seabed.

What was particularly surprising was that the wreck of this old ship was 50 meters (164 feet) from a very busy beach and its contents were only two meters (6.5 feet) below sea level.

This tourist beach off the Balearic Islands welcomes millions of visitors each year, but shockingly not a single artifact has been touched since the shipwreck sank.

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